Meet the Team

Want to meet your backup? Let us introduce you to the award winning crew that exists to make you better.  A team to ensure your smile is as good as it gets, and never goes away.  

Get to know our award winning crew!

Lisa Pass, RDH

Hi! My name is Lisa Pass and I have worked at Breathe Modern Dentistry since day one. I am from Taos, New Mexico, but moved to Oklahoma when I was a child. I am married to my high school sweetheart Colin and we live in Broken Arrow with our two amazing children. I joined the Air Force in high school and served for nine years while attending college to become a hygienist. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's in dental hygiene from the University of Oklahoma.

Our two children keep us super busy, but in our free time we enjoy doing everything outdoors. We love to go on bike rides together but I especially enjoy running.

I love being a hygienist; it’s my passion to educate and help people feel better when they smile. I have found a home at Breathe Modern Dentistry. I enjoy working alongside Dr. Smith and all the girls, for this is my home away from home.

Candice DeHues, RDH

My name is Candice DeHues. I am a part time dental hygienist at Breathe. I grew up in Broken Arrow (Go Tigers) and now I live in Coweta, Ok (Go Tigers) with my husband and our two youngest children. We also have a freshman at NSU in Tahlequah (Go Riverhawks)! Our kids keep us super busy. I enjoy coaching my daughter's soccer team and watching my son's football and baseball games. Summer is my favorite time of year. My family spends as much time as possible at the lake.

I was bit by the dentistry bug at a young age. My first memory of being interested in dentistry was when I had braces. My smile was less than perfect to say the least and the experience could have easily caused long term fear. But thankfully, the opposite happened. The smiling faces and warm greetings as well as the gentle touch captured my attention and I knew at that time I wanted to be part of something like that with my own career. And here at Breathe, I have found exactly that!

I graduated dental hygiene school in 2006 with an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. I have been with the Breathe family since we opened in October 2016. My favorite thing about being a hygienist is giving my patients an unexpected experience. I love calming fears and educating each person on how to best take care of their own smile. And a huge bonus is meeting new people everyday and building lasting relationships with patients and their families. I look forward to the future at Breathe!

Jessica Pesch, DA

My name is Jessica Beth Pesch and I am the office manager and treatment coordinator here at Breathe Modern Dentistry! Working in dental has been a passion of mine since a very early age. I feel like I have a family here. I am very blessed to be part of the Breathe TEAM! I grew up in Broken Arrow, OK with two younger brothers and very hard-working parents. At 25, I married the love of my life and had a precious baby boy a little over nine months later! Currently he is nine years old and really was the best thing I ever did. My husband James and I felt as though we needed more, so we have two rescue pups! A sweet black and tan pit bull mix named Sozo and a little black and tan dachshund mix named Ruthie. Along with our amazing energetic son, those doggies have a pretty big hold on her heart. I started dental assistant school and began my career in dental right after high school. I had dreams of becoming a dentist, and was working as a dental assistant. After a couple years of soaking up all the expanded duties courses and extra education I could find, I found myself enjoying being in the administrative side of the office. Apparently I’m down right amazing at organizing and managing systems to boot!

My life is full of fun and lots of laughs. I love working out first thing in the mornings, hot coffee, music, bubble baths, watching movies with my little, and I absolutely love being outdoors. You can find me cruising around town in my mint green convertible Fiat, or just sitting on my back porch drinking my coffee, soaking up the sunshine, and just enjoying my day. I also love to bake, and cook, but may possibly love to eat even more! Due to my love of fitness and food, I decided to become a certified nutrition advisor and personal trainer in my free time.

Every day, I wake up and I’m just in awe at where I am and at what my life has become. I truly feel that I work for one of the best dentists in Oklahoma; not only is he an amazing doctor, but an overall great human being! My life is a breath of fresh air, and I feel like for once I truly can BREATHE.

Jessica Hornstien

Hi my name is Jessica and I’m the patient coordinator here at Breathe Modern Dentistry. I have had the pleasure of working here since March 2017 and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible team. A little about myself is that I was born in Springfield, Missouri but moved to Florida when I was eight years old. In 1996 my family and I moved to Oklahoma and I have been here ever since. Broken Arrow is home to me and I just love small towns!

My husband Joel and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this August! We have two beautiful daughters who attend Lincoln Christian School. Hailey is our ten-and-a-half-year-old (gotta add that half!) who is creative like her father and a competitive basketball player. Claire is our nine-year-old who is tenderhearted and always has a book in her hand. We have two fur babies; Samantha our Yorkie and Willow our mini Bernedoodle. Yes, my husband needs a man cave with all us females around!

Outside of work, I stay busy with my church family whether it’s listening to my husband preach to the students of the youth ministry, attending bible studies, or helping with outreaches. I love every minute of it and thoroughly enjoy serving others.

I’m slightly addicted to Target and may need an intervention soon! Coffee is my middle name and country is my jam. I enjoy antiquing and I just want to be best friends with Joanna Gaines. Is that too much to ask?! I’m an avid Fantasy Football competitor with some championships under my belt. Singing is not my forte; however I’m not afraid to belt it out. Just own it!

I've been in dentistry since 2006 and have always worked on the administrative side. My favorite part about working at Breathe Modern Dentistry is helping a patient with anxiety feel at ease when arriving to their appointment. I get so excited when the patient has finished their treatment and leave with a smile on their face saying, "That's the best experience I have had in dentistry!" I have worked in a couple of offices, but here at Breathe it doesn't compare to any other place I have encountered. We're family here not just co-workers and I absolutely love that about my job!

Shelby Godbey, DA

My name is Shelby Godbey and I was raised here in Broken Arrow. I currently reside here with my husband and my new baby girl, Sadie. I played a variety of sports when I was younger, my favorite was softball which I played for 15 years. I spent most of my time growing up playing softball with my dad as my coach, and I played my first game in Broken Arrow at the Central Park fields. In my free time, my husband and I love spending time with our baby girl, enjoying time at the lake, and taking care of our farm at home.

I decided at a young age that I wanted to be in the dental field. I started at Breathe Modern Dentistry from the day the doors opened. I truly have found the most amazing place to work at, for I love and enjoy my work family. Dr. Smith is an amazing dentist and person, which I am very blessed to work with him and my coworkers. I truly enjoy meeting new people every day and building new relationships with our patients. Also, I've been a dental assistant for six years and enjoyed every second of it. I always enjoyed going to the dentist when I was younger, which led me to dental assisting right after high school.

Trista Wright, DA

Hi, my name is Trista Wright and I am one of Dr. Smith's dental assistants. I have been in the dentistry field for a little over three years now and I am so blessed to be working alongside my Breathe family.

I am married to my high school love and we just recently moved to Broken Arrow with our Siberian husky, Maya. Maya is two years old and she is our sweet, loving, fur baby (on a side note: she can be crazy at times. hence the Siberian husky part.) My husband and I will be celebrating one whole year of marriage this August! Woohoo!

When it comes to free time I love to travel, especially if it means heading to the mountains to snowboard or going to the beach to get some vitamin sea. I am a Target shopaholic. I can't tell you how many times I go in for one item and then I end up walking out with 20. I love singing and listening to music so a road trip with me is like my own personal concert. Overall, I just love anything outdoors; hiking, fishing, going to the dog park, etc.

I have a passion for dentistry that will never go away. I love knowing that I am a part of something that is so life changing. Being able to see a person gain back their confidence or to be able to help relieve their pain is very rewarding. Here at Breathe, it is unlike any other office and I do not say that because I work here. We all strive to make our patients have the best experience possible and to treat each patient like family.

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